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My Top Ten Favorite iPhone Apps

Realizing I am totally going to date myself here, I can remember when NO ONE had a cell phone. Like pagers were still in style. And, well, it WASN’T THAAAT LONG AGO!

Today, 83% of Americans have a cell phone and one third of all American adults have a smartphone. We’re using our phones to do much more than chat. We’re taking photos, using social media, banking, you name it.

I love my phone (for the record it’s an iPhone 4, but I must admit to being tempted by the Droid lately). It’s always with me. Why do I love it? I can pretty much do everything with it…

So today I thought I would share my top 10 favorite phone apps:

Hootsuite (FREE)
- This app is the perfect compliment to my online Hootsuite account. It is my go to application for updating Twitter, scheduling social media updates and checking social analytics (yes, I know how many of you are clicking on my links).


Boxcar (FREE)
– Since I handle social media for a living, push notifications are an absolute must! Boxcar provides me with notice of a Tweet/Facebook post sometimes before the update even hits the internet. I use this service in conjunction with Hootsuite.


WordPress (FREE)
– I’ve yet to get to a point where I am creating an entire post on my phone, but I love that I could if I needed to (hotels with no WiFi). I do however really enjoy using the app for checking and responding to comments. Has anyone else tried this? (FREE)
– Ok. So I have gushed about this one before, but honestly it is one of my very favorite apps! The filters provided can take almost any photo from cell phone shot, to amazing. Don’t believe me? check out some of the InstaFriday posts over on Life Rearranged every Friday. Want to follow? @tauni


Photoshop Express (FREE) – Not looking to share your photos via Instagram? Check out Photoshop Express. With this app you can straighten, crop, brighten…just about anything. It also has some cool filters if you’re so inclined :)


Pinterest (FREE)
– Not gonna lie. I continue to gush over the virtues of Pinterest. I’ve wasted more time on this virtual pin board site in the last few months than I should have…Most of the time? I’ve been surfing via my phone. Anyone with me on this one? Want to follow along?


Red Laser (FREE)
– I love this bar code scanning tool. Here’s why. I want a good deal and I am a sucker for clearance and sale signs, but sometimes those items are not that great of a deal. I just scan the bar code and Red Laser tells me what the price is online and at nearby locations! LOVE.


Epicurious (FREE)
– I am always scrambling for dinner these days…Epicurious is a virtual cookbook, but the real draw? You can type in the ingredients you know you have on hand and this app will spit out the rescipe for you (now if only it could cook…)!


Dropbox (FREE)
– Moving between home, work, travel I was always emailing documents to myself or purchasing flash drives. This app uses cloud computing to allow you to have your docs and photos with you wherever you go!


Doodle Jump (.99)
– I blame Ashley for the one and only game/paid app on my list. When I met her she was semi-obsessed with this game and I was semi-obsessed with her. You know I went right home and downloaded it!
So there you have it folks. My top 1o. Anything noticeably missing?
And no. I have never downloaded Angry Birds. I know. Everyone loves it. Maybe I am just being contrary and difficult. Wouldn’t be the first time. Are you ready to convince me that I should?
I am always interested in new apps. What’s your favorite iPhone app and why? I am dying to find out.
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  1. mary says:

    Just surfing and saw your Sept 8th post on top 10 iPhone apps……I’m mot seeing any posts?? just the title?

  2. Brooke says:

    I’m not seeing the post either.

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