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Want to see some beautiful homes?

Last week I conned my friend Char into spending an entire day playing hooky with me. The draw? Checking out the latest and greatest in new home design and decor at the 2011 Salt Lake Parade of Homes.

My parents (read my Dad) was always changing something or the other in my childhood home and I remember going to similar events growing up…Back then, I remember the homes as seriously huge, opulent spectacles.

Perhaps I’ve just grown up, or maybe it’s a just a sign of the times,  but most of the houses we saw this year were pretty attainable.

Of course, there were a few homes that looked pretty grand from the curbside.

So let’s talk about some of the things I loved…

Like this amazing view…I know the foreground is a little rough, but the lake and the Wasatch Mountains in the background? Incredible.

This really great pear centerpiece (Umm. Yeah. I have a thing for decorative pears okay?).

Not really my personal style, but I loved the cheery, bright colors of this modern home.

This incredible built in (and the entire beachy-cottage style house it was in).

Hehe. The message board note Char left me in one of the more beautiful homes…No “U” on hand, but she’s creative.

This rough side table…Could totally make this out of an old pallet.

This awesome bench.

This incredible retro kitchen with the penny tile accent. This cute little baby was in the Disney Pixar Up! House. Want to see more? Check out this quick little slide show:

Want to see more of the 2011 Salt Lake Parade of Homes? Check out this quick video:

I loved everything I saw, but the kitchens were what made me drool. Probably because I dislike my cramped little space so much…What makes a house parade of homes perfect to you?

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12 Responses to " Want to see some beautiful homes? "

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour! Did the house with lots of red in it mix beige and grey neutrals? I’ve been wondering about adding some grey, but my entire house is (a nice version of) builder beige.

    • Tauni says:


      The house with lots of red also had beige, grey, black and white. IN EVERY ROOM. It was actually kind of awful. Having said that love grey!


  2. Cindy Jenkins

    Wow, that sure makes me miss going to the Parade of Homes in Utah County. I used to go every year. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome photos! That UP house is really sumn!!!

  3. Dang, I missed it! I have loved going to The Parade of Homes since I was a little girl. My dad was a big part of the HBA that runs it.

    • Tauni says:


      I almost missed the parade of homes myself…caught it the very last day. It’s so hard to keep up with everything…We will have to go together next year.


  4. Kara says:

    I haven’t been to the Parade of Homes for years, and I miss it. Thanks for sharing some of it with us! Loved the videos too. :)

    • Tauni says:

      Kara, I hadn’t been to the Parade of Homes for a few years either. It was so fun to go and see all of the current trends and design ideas. Things were definitely trending towards a more modern look.

      • Autran

        What fun ! I wish we had open houses like that here in jeresy….. it was great that you took us with you !Thanks for stopping by Lavender Hill and your sweet comments !

  5. Cristiane

    Hey Cory,Thanks to you and Vivian for being part of it along with our other volunteers: Mary, Mary Lou, Paige, Maidson, Colby, Moriah, Leigha, Ann, Jackie, Erica, Janice, and Nikki. And Ann, tknahs for securing the vehicle.We handed out nearly 2,000 postcards!!!Karen

  6. That’s a smart way of looking at the world.

  7. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

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