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Design Star Finale Recap

If you’ve been following along, you know that the final two competitors who walked out on stage for the Design Star Finale were not my favorite. What a difference one episode, a talented producer and great editing can make though. This week? Much better for me. You? Better, the same? Although there was still something about Karl that was a bit awkward (nervous laugh, uncomfortable forced grin,... 
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My Top Ten Favorite iPhone Apps

My Top Ten Favorite iPhone Apps
Realizing I am totally going to date myself here, I can remember when NO ONE had a cell phone. Like pagers were still in style. And, well, it WASN’T THAAAT LONG AGO! Today, 83% of Americans have a cell phone and one third of all American adults have a smartphone. We’re using our phones to do much more than chat. We’re taking photos, using social media, banking, you name it. I love... 

Design Star – Tiny Houses Recap

Design Star - Tiny Houses Recap
Oh boy. I called the outcome of tonight’s episode as soon as the tiny house challenge was revealed. I felt like the challenge to design a small 100 square foot home was almost built for Meg… With her “Vintage Palm Beach” aesthetic, Meg excels at the kitschy, campy cool style perfect for something like an itty bitty novelty house (Really, who lives in these houses? They look... 

InstaFriday: Go Utes! Edition

InstaFriday: Go Utes! Edition
It’s been a long week and this InstaFriday is cherished mostly because…well, because it’s Friday! Here’s how my week started:The Pie has the VERY best pizza in town. In the State of Utah. Perhaps anywhere. You would think that it would signal a great week ahead, but…I sort of drove to, ordered and picked up a rather large pizza in a daze and then took it home. To an empty... 
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