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Back-to-school ritual: paper avalanche

Before your kitchen is covered by an avalanche of paper, plan on how you are going to display and store your child’s creations.
The first step is remembering that less is more. You don’t have to hang on to every item your child brings home. try to save no more than two to three pieces each month.
Find a spot to display your child’s artwork – preferably not the fridge. While you may choose to place one or to items there, lots of paper covering the surface will make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. The stairwell or hallway is a perfect location.

I love the floating frames showcased by Blissfully Domestic.

I purchased several of these floating frames from Pier1 for about $15.
Or how about this idea for wire lines?

Raising Olives has posted her take on children’s art. She created a magnetic wall in her home.Another option? FedEx style boxes. They are easily stacked, hard to crush and fit nearly anywhere.

Finally, consider scanning the artwork in and collecting it electronically. There are lots of great services that can be used to recreate their art in the form of printed thumbnails on posters…

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