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Backyard Movie: Technology How-to


With a couple of techie gadgets, some regular household supplies and a little ingenuity, its easy to put together a backyard theater. (If I can do it anyone can.)

So here’s what you’ll need to create your own backyard blockbuster:

  • An all-in-one projector
  • Small table for projector
  • Extension cord/surge protector
  • DVD player or iPod
  • Screen and/or large surface to project on
  • Speakers (portable stereo or karaoke machine)

The screen - You can’t throw up your screen just anywhere. Find a place central to power where you have enough room for the screen, table and equipment, as well as plenty of space to stage seating.

Although you can shell out some serious dough for a professional screen, cheap options work just as well. Here are just a few ideas…

  • A king-size white bedsheet
  • A white shower curtain liner
  • A white table cloth
  • A large white canvas tarp or painters drop cloth from the hardware store
  • A black-out drapery liner
  • The side of a house and/or garage door

If you are looking for a semi-permanent solution, this video is incredibly detailed and it looks like it would work great.

The projector – Now here is where I can supply a little expertise. Not of my own of course…my brother designs high-end business and home theaters.

Look for a projector that has an image brightness of at least 1,500, although 2,000 or higher is optimal. Also, pay attention to the connectors. You will want to look for VGA or DVI ports in addition to regular audio video feeds. These ports will allow you to connect to utilize downloaded or streaming films.

The Epson MovieMate is readily available and can be found for as little as $600 and I’ve found it works great. Today however, there are also several options to rent. Companies like FunFlicks rent equipment and set it all up for you.

The sound – As far as ensuring the sound, many projectors have built-in sound. However, a portable stereo, karaoke machine or inexpensive speakers will work as well.

The video source – This can be as simple as an iPod, a laptop or DCD player. Anything that will play a movie will do. Drive in Invite Adams 2

You can check out dozens of DIY theater pics here for even more ideas.

Hosting a party of your own? Check out the free printable movie night invitations I posted here.

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