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At Home Soda Fountain Fun – Giveaway Closed

At Home Soda Fountain Fun - Giveaway Closed
I grew up in a house with a home theater, which was great. BUT, it’s made me sort of expect that I will have one in my own home, complete with a retro soda fountain and candy bar. To that end, I am stocking up. I’ve purchased all sorts of fun goodies like these: Today, I am one step closer to my goal…Enter SodaStream – a inexpensive way to make super delicious soda at home. -image... 
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Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread
Ummm. Okay. I am kind of in love with making banana bread. I am also a fan of eating it, but that’s another story… I have a favorite basic recipe, but I really enjoy trying out new ones that incorporate something a little different. Welcome Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread – a recipe I came across in Cooking Light (Cooking Light means it’s healthy, right?). A generous chocolate... 

How to make a rainbow cake

How to make a rainbow cake
Check. it. out. That is one brightly colored cake! And today, I am going to share how to make it… This post is long overdue.  I first started thinking about birthday plans at the end of February when I completed my birthday wreath (which remains one of my most popular posts). But with four birthdays in five weeks, the launch of SNAP! and everyday life, it just didn’t get done… Anyway,... 

Valentine’s Tradition: Love Bugs

Valentine's Tradition: Love Bugs
Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition? When I was a kids, my parents used to leave little gifts and love notes out on the porch. We received candies, posters, videos. I remember one year cupid left me The Neverending Story. Remember that movie? Loved it. And, yes, I was a strange child that believed anything fantasy. Ahhh, but I digress…For whatever reason, that tradition isn’t... 

It’s National Jell-O Week

It's National Jell-O Week
You’ve probably heard of the Bible Belt, maybe the Sun Belt, but have you heard of the Jell-O Belt? Well folks, I live in Utah – smack dab in the middle of the Jell-O Belt. We take Jell-O very seriously ’round these parts.  We eat our Jell-O plain, with fruit, carrots, whip cream and we eat more of it than any other state in the nation. In 2001, the state legislature even named... 

Best chocolate cake recipe

Best chocolate cake recipe
Okay all you chocolate lovers, I know you’re out there and today’s post is just for you…Today is National Chocolate Cake Day! I know, right? Where do these ridiculous national food holidays come from? Who knows. I mean, I tried to find out for you guys, but no one really knows who decided January 27 would be National Chocolate Cake Day…And really, who cares? So, today I am... 
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