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Design Star Episode Three Recap: Homeowners Edition

Whenever a reality show contestant dramatically proclaims their pending glory, you know they are either going to soar to new heights or crash and burn. So the moment Doug declared he was going to let his design be the “hero” this week, he had a target on his back…

Doug, salmon-colored paint? You have most certainly fallen from grace.

I have to say, this room had very few redeeming qualities. Not only was the paint color awful, but it made everything else in the entire room look pink.

I did like the modern folding chairs and ottoman, but the rug was positioned awkwardly and the furniture simply didn’t match the rock fireplace and woodwork placed in the room by Mark…

Mark, whom I loved last week. Still love, but this week? Step it up friend.

The other room in the house an underutilized basement, designed by Cathy, Karl and Bret, was a bit of a snoozer outside of the beautiful floors and tile backsplash.

I have to be honest. When Karl announced he was going to install a backsplash, I thought oh no. Haven’t you been watching Design Star like I have Karl? Backsplash installs rarely go well on Design Star – usually they don’t even get finished! Well, the backsplash was finished and beautiful. Best thing in the room. Really more a piece of art than anything else.

 Bwahahaha. This photo is hilarious. I like to think that this was in the middle of making comments about Cathy. The dialogue between the trio made me giggle. I pretty much think they felt the same way about her that I do…

Cathy the “international” superstar (Seriously I know that she wants to do a travel show, but could she throw in the international snootiness anymore?). She is just awful to watch. Totally unlikeable.

The story of Kevin, Kellie and Leslie’s room was all about paint for me…

I was horrified when Leslie popped black paint all over the floor. Dying. I was laughing when she cleaned it up with “a little elbow grease.” Who knew it would come up so easily? (Sidenote: was this the first time Leslie mentioned her “wife?” Not gonna lie, I had to rewind just to make sure that I heard correctly. A cheerleader from Texas? Do they allow that? I can’t imagine it is easy for her…)

I LOVED Kellie’s tip: when you open a can of paint use a hammer and a flat blade screwdriver to punch holes in the groove so that when pouring the paint it runs back down into the can instead of all over the place. Probably the only one, but that was new to me and I will be using it!

I enjoyed the color in the room too and the use of kids artwork, but honestly wasn’t as impressed with Kevin’s wall as the judges were. It was sort of like when a movie is talked up to you before you see it so then it’s kind of a let down. The shelving installation was cool, but cool enough to win the challenge on? Not sure about that (which is probably why I don’t have an HGTV television show of my own).

Tyler and Meg, whose personalities didn’t stand out for me had a room that did. Personalization aside, I thought this room was fantastic. Biggest, most beautiful transition of the evening. I am not a beachy cottage kind of girl, but this really won me over…

Karl and Kellie continue to stand out for me, very consistent. Leslie, Mark and MAYBE Meg could have a bit of sparkle too.

So, enough from me. What did you think about this week’s episode? Should Doug have been the one to go, or were you hoping someone else would be off the show? And, do you have a favorite?


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3 Responses to " Design Star Episode Three Recap: Homeowners Edition "

  1. Jennifer

    Oh Taunie, your recaps are too funny. I love them.

    (Can’t stand Cathy either.)

  2. Smallgood says:

    I will agree about Meg and Tyler’s room being the most transformed. It looked great (if just a little less personal). I thought all the makeovers were at least better than where the rooms started and agreed with who they sent home.

  3. Mike

    I am SO unorganized. But I am SO with you on that one. There are a few thgins that are always in order. My hundreds of DVDs are always in alphabetical order by title. Some people call this crazy, I call this, How can you expect to ever find anything in hundreds of dvds if they’re not in order? Also, I color coordinate my closet as well, just as you do. It just looks nice! And my yarn is always caked and cataloged and put together nicely. I might have 10 1-foot piles of paper in my office (literally), but my yarn and closet are beautiful.

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