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Design Star Finale Recap

If you’ve been following along, you know that the final two competitors who walked out on stage for the Design Star Finale were not my favorite. What a difference one episode, a talented producer and great editing can make though. This week? Much better for me. You? Better, the same?

Although there was still something about Karl that was a bit awkward (nervous laugh, uncomfortable forced grin, buggy eyes. please tell me you’ve noticed), I enjoyed watching him sooo much more this week. I thought his pedicab introduction was spot on. I loved the short spot on the stairs too.

I had a nervous moment for Karl when the home owner said she liked Tuscan style (okay, more than a nervous moment). There are few styles I dislike more than Tuscan, but I thought Karl pulled off a nice space. His colors were pleasing (they always are) and I loved the white sofa. The ledge enhanced the walls height and made the room seem airy and big.

Though I appreciated the ledge and the photo placement, the images were too small to be seen from that height (did you notice, this?). It didn’t really look to scale. I was also a little disappointed in the toy storage – they looked hurriedly tossed into the baskets and containers. There are far more clever ways to store the toys in a more formal living space of this nature.

One thing that I have enjoyed about Meg is that she does seem very natural with both her clients and the other designers. She’s never been snippy or awkward (even when Cathy blamed her for the total wedding fail).

Meg’s shots were a little cliche and goofy at times, but she had her moments – one of my favorites was when she shot her camera piece into the mirror…

The best moment of the evening for me, was Meg’s reveal. Her room was beautiful (though perhaps a little safe). It was a space I would love to replicate in my own home (I am a bit traditional and safe myself).

(Confession: I also loved that they showed Meg walking into Pottery Barn. Usually the designers only shop in boutique stores that have super expensive, abstract stuff. Anyone else with me on this one?)

I was so happy to see the sophisticated look Meg put out after all of the Palm Beach kitsch and sometimes sloppy work (remember the table that fell apart and the sparsely furnished landing) she’s put out this year.

Although I loved Meg’s reveal, I was a bit nervous for her after watching her pilot. Karl has come so far, his camera work was great (this week) and he’s pretty consistently delivered good work (even when he had to work with Kathy in the kitchen challenge). Of the two, he really seemed to be more of an artist.

Honestly? I am not sure Meg will have a long run on HGTV. Time will tell.

What do you think? Did the judges make the right decision?

And, can we just comment on David’s gold jacket? What the??

(FYI, don’t Google “David Bromstad gold jacket” unless what you’re really looking for how gay men feel about David’s wardrobe in general. And if that is what you’re looking for? Hey, I am not judging. Just warning :) )

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