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Design Star Magnificent Wedding Recap

Sad confession: I think I watch Design Star for the heated disagreements as much as the fabu design. Shhh. Don’t tell.

With an episode title like Magnificent Wedding Reception, I KNEW this week was going to be good…Heated design tension, mixed with a little Bridezilla? Freaking awesome, right?

The designers were to take a huge open loft space and fill it with the possibility of “intimate moments” (Eww. Not that kind of intimate moment. Get your mind out of the gutter) with a Victorian twist in just two days. The end result had some highlights and a lot of lost opportunities.

I thought the bar area turned out wonderfully. The modern counter mixed with the mirrors and the white couch really worked for me. IMHO, it was really the only corner of the room that had any sort of a Victorian touch.

The lighting in the room was just about the only thing that I felt had an intimate feel. It was nice. I loved the colorful swag and the gorg chandelier (honestly, the photo doesn’t do it justice).

I really LOVED Mark’s skateboards. I thought they added both dimension and personalization. Although, I think that this project is a bit more appropriate for a boys room than a wedding, but the whole “grooms lounge” seemed super awkward and mismatched to me.

The biggest downfall in the room? The table settings. Every. Single. One. From the rectangular tables (really, you think this is going to promote conversation????) to the junky guest table and the awful sweethearts table it was one fail after another. Hated.

Kellie (who uses the cutest phrases like insta wedding) and Mark (who has a thing for wood) continue to be two of my favorites and though I don’t love Meg’s Palm Beach POV, she is growing on me.

I really liked Karl initially, but he just hasn’t shined in the last couple of episodes. It’s like he’s getting lost in the shuffle.

I have a hard time watching both Leslie (awful camera challenge) and Kevin (was he trying out for a cheesy high school musical) and I just can’t see myself tuning in to either of their shows.

Now. Let’s talk about Cathy. Ewww. I have liked her less every single week. I am sooo glad that she’s gone. Oh my gosh, the ego. I mean seriously, did you hear that she’s been in three national magazines? Of course you did. Like 10 times!!! Please tell me you agree with this decision!!!

At the end of the day I am not sure this was a great DS challenge, but it gave HGTV the opportunity to introduce Dina. And, it worked for me. She is adorable and I am definitely checking out her show Dina’s party…How about you?

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3 Responses to " Design Star Magnificent Wedding Recap "

  1. Jamie Favreau

    I have to agree with you on everything. I am loving Mark each episode he is one of my favorites. Kellie was trying to get everyone on the same page. Which could not happen due to Cathy being an arrogant b**ch.

  2. Smallgood says:

    I didn’t think it was a good challenge either. A floral designer isn’t the same as a home decorator, stager, or stylist. Different medium. I’m willing to give Leslie a second chance– hard to make a sign-in table not seem a little junky and her camera challenge was awkward, but it has some depth to it. Kellie, bless her cuteness, seemed at a loss for words. It was time for Kathy to go. I’m surprised it wasn’t Karl though.

  3. Loved your recap! I seriously am SO happy that Cathy is gone. She was annoying to the nth degree. Ugh. Her constant pride and her buggy eyes were more than I could handle.

    Kellie and Mark are my faves too. They have great personalities and taste that keeps on shining. :)

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