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Design Star Recap: Nate Berkus Show

Before this episode of Design Star even started I was pretty excited. I am sooo glad that we’re back to completely individual challenges. I like them so much more than the group projects. AND…Who doesn’t love Nate Berkus?!?

I was also a little nervous…See, I’d seen some of the promo shots earlier in the week and the discomfort of the previewed moments were down right uncomfortable.

Mark. His room was incomplete with that big blank wall, but I still loved the overall look and feel. I feel like Mark really has a unique eye and I love his styling! Anyone else notice the shoes under the table and the red rain boots?

Biggest drawback with Mark? He has so much trouble getting everything done. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. He’s scurrying around suggesting that he may not finish on time.

Meg. Wow. She’s gone from one of my least favorites all the way to the top. I love the quirky personality she has…The girl made up an imaginary friend (client) for heaven’s sake. A girl who loves big baskets that could have been purchased in Africa (I liked) and striped (I also like).

Having said that, I just don’t personally enjoy Meg’s design aesthetic. I can’t put a finger on it…it just isn’t my fav.

Oh my goodness, Karl was giving me the giggles this episode. Though he was able to describe the challenge – compared it to inexpensive shorts paired with the expensive shirt – he clearly cannot identify well with getting the “look for less.” I did enjoy the bookshelves he came up with, but they weren’t very practical.

Although Karl was far more comfortable this episode, just watching him on the show is a little painful for me. Still.

Oh Kellie. How the mighty have fallen. From the beginning I loved Kellie. I had hoped that last week was just a bad week for her (remember the awful bed?). Unfortunately, the downward spiral continued.

I didn’t like Kellie’s room and I thought her presentation on the Nate Berkus show was AWFUL. I hate to say it, but it was definitely time for her to go…

Finally, why is it that I think it is totally acceptable for girls to wear shoes without socks, but when I see a dude (read Nate Berkus) wearing mocs without socks I am sorta grossed out???

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite at this point?

All photos via HGTV.

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2 Responses to " Design Star Recap: Nate Berkus Show "

  1. Tshepo

    You ladies did a beaiutful wonderful awesome job. I have never seen anything like this. You should be so proud of yourselves. I absolutely adore and love it. I’m so glad you could do this for my step daughter. These are pictures they will cherish for yrs to come as I will to. Thank you so much, I know this meant alot to her and John. These pics are priceless. Again wonderful job, Becky McIntosh

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

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