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Design Star – Tiny Houses Recap

Oh boy. I called the outcome of tonight’s episode as soon as the tiny house challenge was revealed. I felt like the challenge to design a small 100 square foot home was almost built for Meg…

With her “Vintage Palm Beach” aesthetic, Meg excels at the kitschy, campy cool style perfect for something like an itty bitty novelty house (Really, who lives in these houses? They look like kiddie clubhouses). I just wish Meg’s style was a little bit more Lilly Pulitzer prep and a little less pink flamingo annoying.

I enjoyed the green framed windows and the fabric on the back bench. I wish the bench would have been positioned a touch higher off the ground so that storage baskets could have been incorporated underneath.

Karl. You know he has goofy in him. I hated the color he used in his space. It was awful.

While the judged feel Karl has improved and his on-camera work has improved, he still leaves me feeling uncomfortable. I could never watch his show. Geeky nervousness or something.

I am so very sad to see Mark go. Though I don’t appreciate his design style, I do appreciate his styling. His attention to detail really makes it all come together.

I thought his kitchen looked fantastic. I loved the little herb garden and did you notice the colorful food storage and mini clock on the right over the sink area? I also liked the layers and texture he implemented in the space.

I agreed with the judges – Mark’s “artwork” and the paint did nothing for the space (and, did anyone else notice the remaining pencil lines on the walls?). I wish he would have painted the walls a nice soft neutral, rather than leave the pine. It was so cabin-like.

Lingering thoughts…

Where do people that live in tiny houses shower? After checking out the Tiny House Blog very quickly, I still don’t know. I do however know that you can buy plans for a tiny house of your own for less than $50.

Why were all of the participants wearing those ridiculous rain boots? The looked absolutely silly.

Why wasn’t there more of an emphasis placed on drawing the eye upward with architecture or lighting? What about mirrors to open the space up? Seemed a little odd.

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8 Responses to " Design Star – Tiny Houses Recap "

  1. Smallgood says:

    I actually love the concept of tiny houses. And I mean, it forces you to not have junk lying around and there’s less to clean. I liked both Meg and Karl’s houses. I didn’t love the color pallette in Karl’s as much, but I saw more function in his house. My favorite was the office storage that you can see next to the ladder. And while he was still nervous with the camera challenge, he did a great job talking about things doing double duty. Mark has a great eye. He’s clever, and I’d be happy for him to design a room in my house. However, his house came off looking a little sloppy, like he was distracted. Same with his camera challenge.

    • Tauni says:

      As always, you’ve made some really great points. I am not a big fan of knick knacks and junk, so I like the incentive that these houses provide, but I could honestly never, ever live in one! So who do you think is going to win next week?

    • Pancho

      It looks like it could be church right here in Virginia. Being a Methodist paostr and in the Wesley heritage, I appreciate you sharing the pics of the church. It has a lovely old feel to it. I would love to know when it was built.

  2. I really liked this challenge, but felt that everyone fell short in one huge area – storage. An ottoman to use as a seat, table, footrest, but it doesn’t open up for storage? The same for the loveseat and benches – why no hidden storage within? I’m looking forward to next week’s show.

    • Tauni says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Though I thought the glaring miss was under Meg’s bench, there really was a lack of storage in each of the locations. I can’t wait for next week’s show. Who do you think is going to win?

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