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Design Star – White Box Challenge

The “white box challenge” may just be my favorite feature during the Design Star series…I love learning how creative each of the designers is (or isn’t) and it seems to be the episode where I’ve learned enough about each of them to start to like/dislike them.

There were two “rooms” that I absolutely loved this go round. They just really stood out.

image via HGTV

Tyler’s room was absolutely the most eye catching of the bunch. Totally not my style, but very “take my breath away” bold. It’s the sort of room Lady Gaga would relax in, right?

image via HGTV

I LOVED Mark’s room. His was definitely my favorite all round. So polished (bowls not withstanding), communicative and so all American. Not only that, but I really like Mark. I feel like he could be a season favorite for me.

image via HGTV

Kellie is also winning me over. Perhaps it is because she is little and cute and well, just looks like she would create something I could love…I loved the horizontal stripes she included in her space, as well as the whimsical footprints. And the table? Genius. Not such a fan of the chairs though.

image via HGTV

The judges thought Karl’s room was kind of boring, which is probably in part why I liked it. The soothing colors, the order…I don’t think his personality stands out for me, but I like his design.

image via HGTV

Kevin’s room was really well put together, which I liked. Very inventive butcher paper wall. The whole room sort of reminded me of shag though…not such a fan of that.

image via HGTV

When I saw Brett’s room on television I thought big time thumbs down, but I am liking it a bit more in the photo – probably because I LOVE the color combo. What do you think?

I could do without Doug. Though he did a great job recreating graffiti time art, his room and his personality just don’t do much for me.

Meg’s room was awful. The colors were yucky and the walls looked completely bare, but I want to like her…

Kathy on the other hand can go. Initially I thought I might like someone with on camera experience, but in truth? She’s sort of snootie. I might have liked her room better if she would have put more of the broken plated on the wall.

Leslie. Leslie. Your room reminded me of scrubs (awful color green) and late 80′s fashion (word walls).

J. Well. J’s room was boring. On the upside, I really, really liked the blue and the green apples…

Are you watching along with me? What do you think so far. Did this challenge help you decide on a favorite (I mean, come up we are totally into week two).

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7 Responses to " Design Star – White Box Challenge "

  1. Smallgood says:

    Meg’s room was terrible– just without any focus. I was lost.

    I actually liked Kathy’s concept. And I thought Kevin’s ideas worked well.

    • Tauni says:

      Haha. I couldn’t agree with you more. Meg’s room was terrible. Not only did it lack focus, but the color combo was just awful.

      I liked Kathy’s concept – especially the broken pottery – but I am just not loving her personality or something…

      Hope you’ll stop back next week and let me know what you thought of episode three!


  2. Have to say I am liking Design Star. I haven’t really seen any past seasons so I’m looking forward to what else they have in store. I think the men will be strong silent front runners for sure!

    • Tauni says:

      Eeeek! What?! You haven’t seen Design Star before??? Well sister, I am so glad you found it. Honestly, I cannot say why I am so addicted, but I have been a loyal fan since season one. True story: I’ve recently become friends with a former Design Star participant and though I held my love of the show in for at least a month, I totally spilled my guts to her one night on the phone…Shmuck. LOL

      Glad you stopped by. Hope you’ll pop back in next week and let me know what you thought of the third episode :)


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  3. Ilovehgtv says:

    Bret’s room really stunk… they should have sent him home in Episode 1, his room was terrible! I LOVE Kelly, she’s got great taste, but you know, it might actually be Karl who wins this… unfortunately he blew the camera challenge yet again. :(

    • Tauni says:

      Bwahahaha. I am glad that stopped by. I think that it was destiny that Kelly and Karl were paired together in the first episode because they seem to be two that will go a long way….I know that the judges thought Karl’s white box room was boring, but I honestly loved the colors.


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