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Father’s Day: 100th Anniversary

Father Knows Best- Image via TV Guide

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day, although the holiday wasn’t officially recognized in the United States until 1924. Today, the observance is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in 55 countries and on an alternate day in several others.

While perusing the internet earlier this week, I saw some interesting statistics about Father’s Day…

The National Retail Federation’s Father’s Day Survey shows that nearly 40 percent of families will take dad out for a special dinner or outing, spending approximately $1.9 billion. Nearly 37 percent will spend $1.3 billion on clothing, while gift cards and electronics are nearly equal at $1.2 billion each.

Additional expenditures were listed under tools and appliances, home improvement, sporting good and auto accessories.

I have to wonder. Really how interested are dads in all of these items? Wish my guy would flat out tell me like this daddy blogger has, joke or no…

Father’s Day is on a Sunday, so as with many other members of our faith, we take a pass on an evening out. Instead, we host our own special barbeque dinner.

A Father’s Day barbeque is a great family tradition. This week I will be sharing some of the fun we are creating for our Father’s Day barbeque and perhaps even a little about our gift :)

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  1. Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? says:

    This was an interesting post, I didn't know Father's day was 100 this year.

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