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How to: Football tailgating table

Football tailgating table tutorial

Wouldn’t this tailgating table be the perfect accessory for your next football party? I love it!!! I am definitely going to have to zap one up for the football season.

All of the instructions for the table can be found here. It’s a fairly inexpensive project, the table runs about $50 and the paint runs about $8.

One tip…make sure you prepare this one in advance. If you don’t let the paint dry for several days, your goodies and dishes will scratch the paint right off!

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14 Responses to " How to: Football tailgating table "

  1. Steph says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your redesign BTW. soooo snazzy. And… look how fun your theme stuff is. I like you!

  2. Jen @ says:

    That's really cool! I wish I liked football, but I would love throwing a football party that involved food. And tailgating is fun – I have to admit!


  3. Victoria S. says:

    So cool. What if you tried sewing a table cloth like this to put on any table? – if you're into sewing.

  4. Steph says:

    I still love you despite all these footbally posts. ;-P Of course I will come to any party you throw to eat food and mock those watching the game. LOL

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