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HGTV’d Design Star Recap

Ok. So on the off chance that anyone from HGTV ever sees this, I feel like I have to say…I WANT TO BE HGTV’D. So jealous. Not that we have that out of the way…

I am glad we’re back to individual challenges. I like them so much better…Don’t you?

I love  a good foyer and this home had some seriously great bones…I was ready to be wowed by whatever Meg had planned. I have to say, I was disappointed. Though I loved the lantern display, it wasn’t well executed. The loft space design was underwhelming…it just seemed so small. Meg, just hasn’t been consistent for me…I don’t know if she will be around much longer.

Next up? The bedroom. I really enjoyed how Karl painted out the trim a bright white and added the window casings. I also liked the chandelier. However, I didn’t love the room overall and as always was left feeling uncomfortable with Karl’s goofy camera challenge work.

The kids rooms (which should have been the best) were sort of a flop…

I love Kelly, but the minute she started saying things like, “He asked for a bunk bed, but what he really wants is…” I knew she was in trouble. Though she did a great job with the camera challenge reveal, little Mason didn’t seem very excited. A kid knows the difference between a hidey-hole and bunk beds and the bed didn’t have a finished look. Plus, did you notice that nothing was at his height? The “soccer locker” was way above his head…Kelly was saved because she’s so personable, because she broke the cardinal rule going against client wishes.

I think I missed the “design” in baby Kyan’s room. Leslie’s finished space looked just like every other kid’s bedroom with too many toys…There was no real consistency and too much random stuff strewn about. And, what was up with crooked wall hangings in this episode? The focal point of the kids room – his name – was all goofy…a lot like Leslie’s awkward presentation.

I actually sort of liked Kevin’s family room until the designers started talking about it. It seemed pretty warm and inviting. The judges were right though, the furniture wasn’t laid out in a very functional format…The killer for me though was the camera challenge. Once again Kevin was overly dramatic, pushy and he actually cut off the family when they tried to get a word in. I thought this was definitely Kevin’s week to go.

I continue to really enjoy Mark’s work. Although his styling isn’t what I would choose, I thought his rooms were the best this week. The records, the leather, the wooden divider? I liked it all. The only thing I didn’t like were the rugs…fluffy germ catchers (And yes, I have a weird carpet/rug issue, please tell me I am not alone?).

P.S. I was sort of giggling over Tanika’s Dianna Ross hair, did anyone else notice?

All photos via HGTV

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2 Responses to " HGTV’d Design Star Recap "

  1. Smallgood says:

    Karl and Mark were the only two to really deliver in my opinion. Kellie is very personable, but I think her room was the biggest disappointment. I don’t see anything in there that looks 6 year old boy. Nothing that he wanted. And the bed doesn’t look safe. Meg had some good ideas, but it doesn’t look like she used her time as effectively when you look at her spaces compared to Mark’s rooms.

    • Tauni says:

      OMG I thought the same thing about that bed in the boys room. I like DIY projects, but a designer room should look like a designer room. I thought the same thing about Leslie’s space.

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