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How to select the best cut of meat for the grill

Grilling is a rite of summer, a Father’s Day tradition and the right barbeque meat can make or break your meal. I don’t usually purchasing the grilling meat, but this year I’m doing the shopping on my own.

If you’re like me the thought of purchasing red raw meat scares you to death! Never fear. I have done a little research, talked to the best butcher in town and put together some tips for selecting just the right cut for your grill!

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First off, all meat comes in several grades. If you really want to serve the best meal ever, select prime grade meat (this is typically what you would be served in a good restaurant). It may be the most expensive, but it typically contains the most marbling. This grade is often found in at a meat market or in better grocery stores.

Can’t get a prime grade? Choice grade is the second best grade of meat and can often be found at nearly any grocery store.

Second, make sure the meat you purchase is fresh never frozen.

There are four cuts of beef that are generally accepted as the best options for grilling:

  • Rib Eye
  • T-Bone
  • Porterhouse
  • Strip steak

Though T-bone is often considered the grilling “classic”,” any meat cut from the tenderloin will work great! Filet mignon, is the most tender and the most expensive cut of this type.

Stay clear of anything with “round,” “chuck,” or “flank” in the name. These cuts can be tough and do not cook up well.

Once you have selected the quality and cut of your meat, you will want to look for a steak with marbling…but not too much. Although marbling produces a more flavorful steak, it will also make your steak somewhat less tender. Look for thin streaks not fat lines of fat.

Buy your barbeque meat a few days before you plan to use it. Storing in the fridge will help to age and tenderize it.

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  1. Adrian's Crazy Life says:

    That's good info. I never know how to pick the right cuts of meat, so I just guess at what looks the most delicious! It's better when I pick them out. My husband has this eyes bigger than stomach thing, and always picks up enormous slabs of meat that look like they came straight off the cow! I'm happier with a little fillet or something and a bunch of nice veggies!

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