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I never really would have thought that I would enjoy gardening…I love it when I have the time.

Then again, maybe I love it right now because living in a community like mine where the yard work is taken care of, my sparse (but large) planters are really not that much work.

One of my favorite plants is my Celmatis vine – particularly when it is in full bloom. I spent some time out on the deck Sunday just gazing at it…

I am really interested in adding some more hearty, yet beautiful perennial plants to my yard. Anyone have a personal favorite they’d like to share?

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.

This year, I am in charge of treats. I wanted to do something besides the regular cupcake and round topper and so I went with cheesecake and patriotic pinwheels.

Interested in making your own? Check out my pinwheel tutorial.

Tuesday, I spoke about working with brands at the Utah Blogger’s Summit. I summarized my comments and shared 10 things to consider before working with brands over on the SNAP! blog Wednesday. Check it out and let me know what you think…

My favorite part though? Hanging out with some of my favorite locals – Mandi, Michelle, Amy, Stacey, Shelley and Megan. We had a rockin’ table!

One of my favorite things about working in downtown Salt Lake City is all the great food I get to experience (this may also be the explanation for my ever expanding waistline).

Turns out I am not alone though, the foodie features are a favorite on the corporate blog I write…

Food trucks. They are a phenomena that I am totally and completely IN LOVE with. Do you have food trucks in your city? Have you tried it out? I’ve found they provide some of the tastiest dishes in NYC, San Fransisco and, it turns out, Salt Lake City. LOVE.

Of course, there may be a small chance that one of the reasons I find them so attractive is that their viability is so closely linked to Twitter…hmmm…

This is Jersey. You might remember her from my homemade dog treats post last summer?

She is my baby. She is waiting for me everyday when I come home from work and she is brilliant with the kids (as long as they don’t poke her ribs or pull her tail).

I love her (except maybe for when she pulls the toilet paper off of the roll and runs all over the house with it).

We have a new toy in the house and we’re lovin’ it! I will have to tell you more about it sometime…My favorite part is that it makes noises that sound like a space shuttle.

I am linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearranged. Mostly because I am sort of in love with Jeannett. Have you gone over to check out her blog yet? She is the sweetest.

life rearranged

Happy Friday friends!

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12 Responses to " InstaFriday "

  1. I want to sit at the cool girls table!!!!

    Happy InstaFriday!

    • Tauni says:

      Kyla, you were there in spirit my dear!


    • Med

      Congratulations on making 200+ flroowels :) I know I’m a new one!! I’m a fan of white for your engagement photo frame! And your couch is gorgeous!! Since you’re such a fan of milk glass what if you were to spray paint all those old soda bottle white?? I’ve seen some pics on Pinterest and they all turned out super cute!

  2. Food trucks and the purple clematis… perfection :)

    Just read about SNAP, sounds fantastic. Only I’m not creative or a designer… just a mom blogger!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Tauni says:

      Thanks Kate. I should include a photo of myself next time – you’ll be able to see the effect those yummy food carts are having on me :(

      I am really sooo very excited about SNAP! Thrilled in fact. If you’re interested in improving your blog, creative blogger or not, follow along. We’ve really had some amazingly wonderful posts…BTW, I don’t think that you’re allowed to say “just” a mom blogger :)

      Stop by and visit again soon!


  3. jeannett

    I looooove gardening. It’s the 86 year old lurking inside of me…but it’s satisfying to see the work pay off with pretties. Unlike partenting where it’s really up in the air if I did a decent job for at least another 15 years…boo.

    • Tauni says:

      Bwahahaha. Loving your comment about parenting. Unlike you, I am actually pretty sure I am screwing it all up. I blame it on the fact that the boys didn’t come out of my womb…I didn’t “baby bond” with them. I am sure they picked up all their nasty habits then, right???

      Now if I could just keep from killing my flowers….

      Thanks for stopping by my dear!


  4. I can’t wait to hear about the soda stream. We don’t drink soda in our home, so I’m super interested in it.

    Gorgeous flowers and wow… those cupcakes? They’re kind of amazing!

    • Tauni says:


      I don’t really drink soda either (although Mr. and the kids do). I am telling you what. It is the neatest thing!!! I will be blogging about it sometime in the next two weeks. And the best?! Soda Stream is going to send one lucky soul a machine for their very own!

      Thanks for the compliment on my flowers and the yummy patriotic desserts!


  5. Jamie says:

    does the soda stream make beverages carbonated? that would be awesome!!! look forward to hearing about it….i wish i had the space to garden besides little potted herbs, but my parents have a HUGE trellis of Jasmine- smells amazing when the flowers bloom and stays green all year round (they live in humid, warm SC so it survives the heat)

    • Tauni says:


      Oh my gosh, yes Soda Stream does make carbonated beverages…seriously so fun! I will be blogging about it two weeks and guess what?! I have a machine to give away!!!

      Jasmine sounds wonderful…I am in Salt Lake City so I am afraid that it wouldn’t survive the winter! If you live in a space with little room for a flower garden you have to check out this awesome pallet garden: I am hoping to build one for my deck (hopefully before summer is over – haha!)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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