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Livin’ on the edge…I typically sport a clear or pale pink polish on my nails so this is pretty darn out there for me:

I am not a huge fan of the long acrylic nails and so I’ve never really been one for salon manicures, but I recently learned about shellac polish and I am sooo in love! There are a half dozen reasons to love it,  more on that later…Have you ever tried a shellac manicure?

I had BIG plans to upcycle an old bag Saturday morning. I loved the bucket shape and the size, but the fabric? HORRID.

Things didn’t go as planned. CRAFT FAIL. Depression.

There’s nothing like an impromptu shopping trip to heal a tender ego. And, random shopping trips generally end in an impulse buy. Enter the Baby Cakes Donut Maker.

My buy was popular with the kids, who begged for immediate donut satisfaction.

Can we say sprinkle crazy??? Umm yeah. The  best part is when said child decides he doesn’t really like sprinkles on his donuts because they make “little crunchies in my yummies.”

So far the purchase is serving a purpose. Friends, what was your last impulse purchase? Did it last or was it a waste?

We had a very low key Independence Day this year. Rather than going out, we set up fire works at home…

This year Utah changed the fireworks regulations. We were able to purchase much larger fireworks, including some that shot up into the sky. Yay!

It was also the first year the boys were allowed to light some of the smaller ones off.

We also got a few specialties, like this lovely heart shaped firework.

However, my favorite was not the fireworks. It was the little man who spent the time dancing up a storm so he could watch his shadow on the garage door. Booya!

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2 Responses to " InstaFriday "

  1. Chrissy

    I love those nails/polish!! I had it done but wanted to remove it and NADA I had to go back and soak them for what seemed like a long time. But boy o boy it lasts forever!! YIPPEE

    • Tauni says:

      Chrissy, I am lazy. I actually go into the salon for everything :) when they take it off it doesn’t take that long at all.

      I think removal and upkeep takes about an hour – a long time, but I can hack it once a month or so :)

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