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Yay! It’s time for another edition of InstaFriday. I love InstaFriday, it’s a little journal of fun things from my week…

If you don’t know about InstaFriday go over to the lovely Jeannett’s blog and read all about it.

You may remember I referenced a train ride I was putting together for bloggers…Well, it happened (and yes, I still need to blog about it). One of my very favorite things about the whole event, was meeting Amy and her beautiful baby girl.

Amy is an amazing woman, mother and blog designer. You can check out her fabulous work on the SNAP! – she designed the whole entire site and implemented Lara’s amazing logo to perfection. LOVE HER.

Speaking of work…those operators sure know how to PARTAY! I know I am probably a little slow, but I had never seen a pick up truck full of ice and drinks before I worked with “the people of transit.”

Don’t think that a party under a bus bay stops with a truck full of soda though…We had entertainment – The Temple Squares. Ha! (The joke may be lost on those of you who are not from Utah, but trust me it’s funny.) So quaint.

Speaking of the “people of transit…” You just never know who you are going to meet while riding the bus.

Behold, I call him the bus genie.

I had trouble sneaking this photo without being caught (truth be told he may have known what I was up to), but I had to take it. I am hoping to run into him again. I’ve promised myself I will get a real photo. You know, the kind that aren’t blurry?

I had a fun conversation on Twitter with one of our local breweries that ended in this frothy glass of…wait for it…rootbeer! Ha. I don’t drink alcohol, but Squatters Pub has great food and an excellent Twitter account.

We visited the park this week. Fun for Jersey and for all of the kids…

Yep. Lots and lots and lots of fun…

Well, except for the hornets that swarmed out from underneath the picnic table to sting one of the little mr’s multiple times. Boo!

We’ve been doing some fun BOY crafting this last week. Painting these swords was an exercise in patience for the boys, but resulted in lots of fun.

I am excited to be bringing a dozen or so of these swords (unfinished) with me to San Diego for the Queen Bee Market. Come on over and see me. I’ll give ya a deal :)

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6 Responses to " InstaFriday "

  1. Leanne says:

    Hi Tauni, It’s been a long time. I love your InstaFriday. Such fun pictures (especially the bus genie)! Hope to see you again soon.

    • Tauni says:

      Thanks Leanne. It’s good to hear from you! I have been lost in work lately, but I sure would love to see you again soon too! Hope all is well with your family :)


  2. Okay, the guy on the bus is CRACKING me up! haha!
    Interesting week, girl. :)

  3. LISA says:

    A great way to sum up your week. A chilled glass of root beer is always a good thing in summer! :)

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