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InstaFriday: Snowbird Edition

Ahhh. InstaFriday. It’s been a while. How I have missed you…

It’s been a busy week around here. To celebrate the last few school free days we went up to Snowbird.

Snowbird is just 15 minutes away from the house. We’re sooo lucky to live near such a gorg get away spot. Up at the top of the tram? There’s still snow due to the late summer.Crazy.

Thoroughly enjoyed our little picnic.

So did the squirrel. Apparently he is a fan of fallen Goldfish. I was a little nervous he was going to enjoy my toes too!

The great start to the week was over shadowed by a flood that collapsed the ceiling and two walls. I now know exactly how much it costs to rent the larger blower fans and how long it takes to try soaked carpet…I would rather not.

Cleaning it also took a good part of the week and sort of squelched any fun photos.

Most of the rest of my time was spent at work, helping the people of Utah navigate their way to and fro.

Really looking forward to the weekend. We’re going to be working on the house (wish it were fun work) and getting the final purchases to go back to school Monday :)


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  1. So sorry to hear about your basement! Uggghh! No fun! Snowbird looks absolutely beautiful!!

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