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Do you have an iPhone? Are you using Instagram? What a great app. I love it so much I wrote an entire post, full of tips about it

Even if you don’t have Instagram, you really should participate in InstaFriday, where you get to share a glimpse of your life through cell phone photos…Such a stinking fun idea!

We’ve had a fun week. Perhaps it’s because we kicked it all off with a trip here:

Now, I know what you’re thinking…McDonald’s? Well, yes. I’ve learned it’s a sure fire way to hugs and thank you’s. I will take it where I can get it folks.

Plus, they have Pokemon toys people…Pokemon toys that cost less than $10. Thank you $2.99 Happy Meal. You made us very happy this week.

We also had fun working on this:

This project has been so much fun for all of us and I am really excited to share more about it…

In the meantime, I am just tickled by how much the kids have enjoyed their “real” art project.

I have a feeling that I am going to be spending a lot more time here in the coming year:

Wondering why? Well, you should really be following along over on the SNAP! blog, where we will be making a big announcement next week.  It may, or may not, have to do with this location. Just sayin.

Speaking of SNAP! my work there has kept me from posting as much as I would like to on my own blog…Two posts a day? A bit much for me…So, I was really excited to finally post a new personal project again:

Pretty excited how nicely this easy patriotic wreath project turned out. It was a lot of fun.

It reminds me of summer, which is nice because it’s been unusually rainy and cool here this year…

The photos were a little scarce mid-week when I was feeling a bit under the weather…things are finally getting back to normal!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my world…according to my cell phone (which I forgot to take with me when I left for work yesterday – unimaginable people!).
life rearranged

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6 Responses to " InstaFriday "

  1. You know I love the wreath! ;) I can’t wait to see what project you and your kiddos are working on. We’ve been painting a lot lately too, so much fun with the kids!

    • Tauni says:

      I am really excited to post the painting project. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be another week. We’re doing this in phases :)


  2. Jeannett

    What was that? You made two of those wreaths? Oh you’ve been waiting for my address? Cool.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • Tauni says:


      Believe it or not, I actually did make two of these wreaths unfortunately one was for my mom :) But I am telling ya here and now, if it isn’t the simplest project in the whole world, I don’t do it…You’ve got plenty of time to whip one up before the Fourth.


  3. Love your wreath! I made a 4th of July wreath last night & it’s in my InstaFriday post as well! Great minds think alike!

    • Tauni says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting…Great minds really do think alike. Your wreath turned out really, really cute.


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