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It’s National Popcorn Day!

Yes. Another national day…But, I LOVE popcorn so how could I bypass National Popcorn Day?!? While the origins of this auspicious day are unknown, I can’t think of a more a-maize-ing way to celebrate a plain January 19.

I have to admit I am drawn to the over buttered packages of microwave popcorn in the grocery store, but this early in the year I am still sticking with my New Year’s resolutions and so I was looking for healthier alternative.

Did you know that plain air-popped popcorn is only about 33 calories per cup? How awesome is that? I don’t have a popcorn popper and I am not ready to try oil popping on the stove (plus that adds a whopping 25 calories per cup), so we went with a simple brown bag, mircrowave route.

Doesn’t it look great (yes, I cleaned my microwave just for you)? Yummo!

Why don’t you try some homemade popcorn of your own. It’s so simple.

Step 1 – Pull together a paper lunch bag, tape, unpopped kernels and seasonings of choice.

Step 2 – Put about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of unpopped kernels in your paper bag.

Step 3 – Fold over the top of the bag three or four times and tape it closed.

Step 4 – Microwave until you can count to four between pops (in my microwave this takes about two minutes)

Step 5 – Add in some seasonings and shake the bag to cover popped corn.

This may be my new favorite way to make popcorn and the kids love it!!!

Want more popcorn ideas? Check out my go to popcorn treat – wouldn’t it be great in pink or red popcorn for Valentine’s Day? I’ve also got some great popcorn ideas for movie nights featured here.

Also a good idea for those of you who will be hosting Super Bowl parties in a couple of weeks!

Happy snacking!

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8 Responses to " It’s National Popcorn Day! "

  1. Meredith says:

    I’ve done this and it’s yummy. I like to spray it with butter flavored Pam (or that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray) and add chili powder and garlic. Yum! I’ve found that 1/4 cup is enough to fill up my bags.

  2. La-LOOOOVE this post! :)
    Who knew microwave popcorn would be SO easy!!! :)
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Popcorn is one of my family’s favorite treats! Sometime we just eat popcorn for dinner :) Maybe we will do that tonight in honor of National popcorn day!

  4. Safire

    How did I not know it was national popcorn day?! This is super yummy, but I’m a fan of my oil popper. Add coconut oil instead of canola oil and you get a fabulous flavor. :)

  5. Ellie G says:

    What the heck? I’m so behind in my reader….I TOTALLY missed National Popcorn day? Maaaannnn…….

    I ADORE popcorn. Mostly in it’s sweetened state. Carmel. Marshmallow. This sugar stuff we call “Mother Goose”. Oh man. Now I need some.

    I didn’t know you could do “air-popped” in the microwave. I have an air popper. I get it out frequently. I need to just leave the popcorn it produces alone. But somehow, sugary goodness always gets all over it. Weird.

  6. Steph

    Dood… that is kinda genius.

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