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Valentine’s Tradition: Love Bugs

Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition?

When I was a kids, my parents used to leave little gifts and love notes out on the porch. We received candies, posters, videos. I remember one year cupid left me The Neverending Story.

Remember that movie? Loved it. And, yes, I was a strange child that believed anything fantasy. Ahhh, but I digress…For whatever reason, that tradition isn’t one I’ve carried over. Don’t know why. It’s one I remember well.

Instead, each February we play host to some little visitors – the love bugs. While the love bugs are in town, they leave us little treats, notes and toys in specially designated mailboxes.

If I was really awesome, my mailboxes would be decorated smartly like the ones on the far left. Or, maybe I would have had the boys claim ownership by decorating the boxes themselves like the ones in the middle. Since I am not that on top of things, I just adorned the mailboxes with sparkly stickers and chipboard.

(This is where I tell you how much I love the Target dollar section. They have such great stuff – like these mailboxes!)

This year I thought it would be fun to celebrate the bugs arrival with a little treat. I found these great “glasses” at the dollar store. They are actually vases, but heck they make a great milk glass.

And seriously, who doesn’t love a good Oreo – especially one that looks like a ladybug.

Thanks to our Super Bowl celebration and some good on hand supplies I actually had everything (Oreos, candy melts, Milk Duds, mini chocolate chips and heart shaped sprinkles)  to make these little guys on hand. They were simple – I think they took me less than 10 min.

1. Microwave red candy melts for 1 min. on high (subsequent heating should be at 50 percent).

2. Dip Oreo cookie in candy melts.

3. Stick on Milk Dud head, mini chocolate chip spots and eyes.

Done. Totally easy and totally fun!

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29 Responses to " Valentine’s Tradition: Love Bugs "

  1. Aimee says:

    How cute! I loved the Neverending Story too. Especially the luck dragon. :) Adorable Oreos!!

    • Tauni says:

      Aimee, Glad I’m not alone. My mom just called to let me know she tracked this movie down (and the sequel) on Amazon and she’s sending it our way :) I think we will be watching it this weekend!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Too cute!! I am doing a ladybug party for my daughter so we will be making these for sure!!! What store did the glass/vase come from? Wasn’t sure if it was like a Dollar Tree or Dollar General?

  3. Love those! Really fun and cute idea!! Sharing with my FB fans!

  4. Victoria S.

    Those are darling love bugs. Looks like a good treat the kids can help make. We love the Target dollar section too.

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  6. miranda s says:

    cute! what do u put in the mailboxes

    • Tauni says:

      Miranda, we put all sorts of things in our mailboxes…The kids receive a note at least every other day. Sometimes a small treat and/or toy. For instance, this year the bugs arrived in little VW Beetle cars and left them for the boys the first night.

      We also use this as a bit of a learning activity. The love bugs share stories about all of the other places they have traveled during the year…they are only with us in February. They provide each child a clue as to where they’ve been and then we make an ethnic dinner :) I’ve bought a lot of little stuff at World Market.

  7. Kara says:

    I love this idea Tauni! I’ve gotta get me some of those little heart sprinkles. So cute!

  8. Ellie says:

    Stopping by from the T&J linky party! What a cute treat for a fun day! I’m going to try these.

  9. sharla says:

    Those cookies are so dang cute!! Love it!

  10. Laurel says:

    Those oreos are so cute!!! I’d love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight:

  11. Steph

    OMG! Those are soooooo cute.

  12. Lorie

    They are perfect!

  13. GinaBell says:

    The Love Bugs are adorable!! Any ideas on bugs that the boys can make and how?

  14. Melia

    I would give this to my very good fr9#&dne3i;s daughter who just turned ten and would adore this! She just changed her schools so I bet this could really help now.

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