Design Star - White Box Challenge
The “white box challenge” may just be my favorite feature during the Design Star series…I love learning how creative each of the designers is (or isn’t) and it seems to be the episode where I’ve learned enough about each of them to start to like/dislike them. There were two “rooms”... 

It’s InstaFriday!

// Jul 15th, 2011
It's InstaFriday!
It’s been a light week here on the blog…Lots of fun stuff going on. I spent last weekend with some of my favorite girls – Amy, Jen, Shelley, Stacey, Char, Lara and Kendra – at a condo up at The Canyons for EVO. The conference was phenomenal (as always) and I hope to post more about it later.... 
It's HGTV Design Star Time!
You might remember when I confessed my love of reality television challenges? Well, turns out I am going to talk about it again…It’s HGTV Design Star time. Season 6 kicked off last night with the regular challenge – designing the living space. I loved some of the rooms and well, some of them, not... 


// Jul 8th, 2011
Livin’ on the edge…I typically sport a clear or pale pink polish on my nails so this is pretty darn out there for me: I am not a huge fan of the long acrylic nails and so I’ve never really been one for salon manicures, but I recently learned about shellac polish and I am sooo in love! There are a... 

Headed to EVO

// Jul 7th, 2011
Headed to EVO
Hi friends! I am headed up to The Canyons for EVO. I will be posting for InstaFriday tomorrow, but other than that things are going to be pretty quiet around here. I promise to be back on Monday with a full conference report!  Read More →
Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread
Ummm. Okay. I am kind of in love with making banana bread. I am also a fan of eating it, but that’s another story… I have a favorite basic recipe, but I really enjoy trying out new ones that incorporate something a little different. Welcome Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread – a recipe I came across in... 
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