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Primary Children’s Medical Center’s Festival of Trees

I can cross something of my bucket list…

Festival of Trees 0276

I just returned from the Festival of Trees – an annual fundraiser held to benefit Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City. The event, a tradition for over 40 years, raises more than $1.5 million annually to support the hospital.

I’ve attended the Festival nearly every year, but this year…I BOUGHT A TREE! Okay. So, it is a tiny tree, perhaps the smallest tree there, but I bought a tree!!!

Here is where I tell you that I got so excited about my purchase, that I didn’t take a photo of the tree. I know, right?!?

However, I took hundreds of photos from the selection of more than 800 trees to share with you…

There were some manly trees featuring tools, Harley’s, cars, trucks and more…

Festival of Trees-2

There were some pretty girlie trees – at least a dozen Twilight inspired.

Festival of Trees1-2

There was a pretty cool Cookie Monster tree:

Festival of Trees2

Toy Story was a hit this year:

Festival of Trees3

The temperature is below 10 degrees, so it was fun to see a few really spectacular tropical trees:

Festival of Trees4

Check out the surfing Santa, the display was incredible!!! I think that there were at least five blue Christmas trees in there…

There were fewer sports related trees this year. One really spectacular display (and I should say, many of these trees are full-on room filling displays) featured famous athletes with Utah ties, as well as all of the local teams.

Festival of Trees5

There’s no doubt in my mind the boys would have loved any of these trees…Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Nerf, Marvel comics or the ginormous dino display…

Festival of Trees6

When we go through they will most definitely complain about all of the pink…

Festival of Trees7

I haven’t pictured it, but there was an entire Barbie ball beneath on of the really large trees. Easily over 50 Barbie dolls were in attendance.

A few more of everyone’s favorite characters:

Festival of Trees8

Really, there were so many wonderful traditional trees, my head is still spinning…

Festival of Trees9

I loved all of the trees, but found I was really drawn to the bright red, green, and well not so traditional, but colorful trees. I think this one may have been my favorite…

Festival of Trees 0223

All of that and I still didn’t show you the selection of African trees, cowboy/western trees, trees with clocks and the modern trees. I’ve also skipped the Festival’s wreath display, sweet shop, centerpieces and craft boutique! There is just so much and it’s all donated!

I can’t wait to take the boys back during the public viewing and let them search out their tree, even if it is a itty-bitty little thing.

So, after looking at all of these trees, I am wondering. Does you tree have a theme, or is it just a hodge podge of ornaments collected through the years? I am not going to lie folks I totally go with the theme :)

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8 Responses to " Primary Children’s Medical Center’s Festival of Trees "

  1. Living the Scream says:

    I was there as well! I wish I would've seen you. it's so huge in there! I did not buy a tree but My Mom did. I'll post about it hopefully soon!

  2. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    Do you know that in 35 years of being a Utahan, I have never ever been to the Festival of Trees?

  3. Steph says:

    One of my favorite events. I love seeing all the creative tree ideas.

  4. Kristina P. says:

    I have never been! I am clearly a bad person. Actually, I think they took the punk ass kids I work with there this morning. Maybe I should smoke heroin and then I could go for free!

  5. Tahnie says:

    I went yesterday and loved it as much as I do every year! I cried a lot more this year though because my little miracle was with me. :)

  6. Julie says:

    I too must admit, I've never been. I really should next year!

    I started collecting Santa's about 20 years ago. So my santa's have spilled into my tree and now I have one tree dedicated to just santas. Pretty traditional. But I love it!

  7. KT says:

    What theme is the tree you bought? I'm so curious! We go with a them: santa's, snowmen, and any kind of red/white candy-mainly candy cane's.

  8. Carolyn Watson-Dubisch says:

    Love the sock monkeys!

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