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Silver and red Christmas decor

Ummm. How to start this post…

Welcome visitors from Today’s Creative Blog!

I am so honored to have been featured by Kim. She is an amazing woman and I am grateful to count her as one of my friends.

Getting on with things…Several people have asked about my holiday decorations, so I thought I would throw up a couple of quick photos.

Remember the fun pinecone wreath I made last month? Well, the wreath made a trip to St. George with my parents for the winter…Instead, I mdae a flocked wreath for the front door.

Flocked Christmas Wreath

I really like the way it turned out…really inexpensive too. No tutorial for this one, but basically I purchased a really inexpensive wreath, added some pinecones, a few decorations and some ribbon. I think the whole thing cost me less than $10. What do you think? Should I make another pinecone wreath instead?

Last year my tree was silver and white. This year, I wanted to incorporate a bit of color and added some inexpensive red ornaments. Seriously inexpensive. I found them in the Target dollar spot (one of my favorite places in the whole world…

Christmas Decor

It’s a bit crooked and some of the lower branches have been broken, but I love it. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in my cozy chair by the fireplace and tree.

Since it’s not finished, I am not going to show any super close up photos, but see the little house on the fireplace? That’s my advent in the works…Yep. Didn’t quite get it finished in time. I found the house (it’s this Pottery Barn Kids advent) at a local thrift shop. A corner of the roof had been torn off and a couple of the door frames were broken, but I was able to repair them fairly easily. I was able to match the paint on the doors and frames fairly easily, but the red was more difficult. In the end, I simply painted the roof black. I still need to seal it, maybe add a little glitter (‘cause who doesn’t need a bit more bling in their lives???) and then add our name to the rooftop.

The boot full of candy canes has been around for years. I stole it from my parents and the kids love it.

The red jar is one of my newest pieces. I received it as a gift from the amazing staff at DownEast. I love it. In fact, it was the piece that inspired me to add more red to my collection.

I have a couple wall hangings and garlands around the house, along with this tree, but that’s about it this year. A far cry from the numerous decorations that are put up at my mom’s house every year…

Do you decorate throughout the house, or just one room and the tree?

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5 Responses to " Silver and red Christmas decor "

  1. Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen says:

    Sadly, I'm afraid to do any decorating for fear my 15 month old would terrorize it all every day! I think we'll put the tree up on the 23rd. We do have some Christmas cards on a door as well as the 25 days countdown I'm doing for my hubs hanging on another door.

    I LOVE your decorations! I have a hodge podge of things, not too coordinated, but it obviously doesn't matter :)

  2. ellie g says:

    Tauni! WHEEEEEEE!!! I'm so thrilled to see you on TCB! Seriously. Yay. Couldn't be more deserved. Still thinking what to do with your cookie box. But I think I might have an idea. I'll keep you posted. :) Thanks for bein' so nice to me. You are just a sweetie! Yay you!

  3. terrid614 says:

    i am your latest follower! i found you thru a blog of a blog….i laughed out loud because you said, you sometimes, use 10 words when 5 was probably enough! i am the same way!! beautiful holiday decorating! happy holidays!

  4. Debra says:

    Lovely! I have to hand it to you Tauni, you are one creative soul:)
    Glad I stopped by. Now following you on Google.
    Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Irma

      These are all so beautiful! I’m deienitfly doing one, as I’ve been saving all the old ornaments that have become the ‘extras’ after we fill the tree. This will give them new life, out of their boxes! And I’m so glad you were able to fix the broken ones when yours fell. I’d be crushed to think it was ruined… I’m glad it was fixable! Thanks for the tutorial!

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