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Tame the back-to-school blues

While some kids are excited about the prospect of going back-to-school, others are anxious and overly excited.

Books can help parents’ transition kids from the ease of lazy summer days to the schedule and rigor of the classroom. They can add to a child’s excitement or take the edge of another’s nerves.
Settle your kids into the new year with a goodnight story and a giggle with one of these great reads:

By David Shannon
Out-of-control David shows up late to class, chews gum in class, shouts answers out without being called on, pulls pigtails, cuts in line and starts a food fight. After a crazy day of misbehaving however, David s
tays after school and shines the desks until they sparkle. His day ends with a gold star and a pat on the head.

By Paul Fleischman
Miss Breakbone is a child’s worst nightmare. She hates kids, calls her students dunderheads and takes away their stuff. The day she took a ceramic cat from Junkyard however, she went too far. Miss Breakbone’s students devise a
fantastic plan to get back at her.

By Jon Scieszka
This collection of hilarious poems and illustrations on numerous science topics like dinosaurs, astronomy, evolution and more are presented in a way that young readers can’t help but remember. In the book, one young student follows his teacher’s suggestion to “listen to the poetry of science.” He is zapped with the curse of the science verse.
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