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Weekend outing: A trip on the train

Every kid loves trains, so it stands to reason they’d love taking a trip on the train. We put that theory to the test, here’s what we found…

Taking a trip on the train is a fantastic opportunity to experience your environment in a whole new way. It’s a way to get from here to there and actually see all the things along the way…Through the large windows of a train you’ll see fantastic scenery, cool sights and interesting people.

Train trips can be long or short. We took a rather short trip from Salt Lake City to Ogden on Utah Transit Authority’s FrontRunner Commuter Rail.

Though is was a short trip, it took us several hours. We left Salt Lake Central Station at approximately 4 p.m. and arrived at Ogden Station at about 5 p.m. The kids were excited to see the sites and enjoyed the trip (although they started to ask “how much longer?” a station or two before arrival).


Ogden City has really done a fantastic job with this area. Everything was clean and well maintained. Historic 25th Street, just to the east, looked very inviting (maybe another trip).

FrontRunner4There are a number of historic trains at Union Station in Ogden (just beyond Ogden Station). You can’t go inside, but the kids are allowed to climb around on them.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to enjoy the local train museum (which is free), but we did go into Union Station.

The kids loved the deep, long hand carved wooden benches that have lined the station’s halls since it was built. I loved the interesting art and the bulletin board made of old wine corks and bottle labels (see photo below).

We had dinner at the Union Grill. The portions were large, particularly the kids plates, and everyone enjoyed their meal tremendously. The kids also liked the train artwork located throughout the room.


We wanted to get home early and get the kids ready for bed, so we didn’t stay long. We took the 7 p.m. train out of Ogden and arrived back at Salt Lake Central Station around 8 p.m. The kids were still excited to look out the windows, but we spent much of the trip home talking to one another and sharing stories – great time for chats and family bonding!


If you are going to take a trip on FrontRunner, I suggest taking along some easy activities in case your kids get bored. Train coloring pages like these, would be great!

Snacks and beverages are allowed on the trains, but I would recommend against anything more than fruit snacks or something similar. These trains are very clean and have restrooms.

Travel: Group Pass $12
Dinner: $35

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4 Responses to " Weekend outing: A trip on the train "

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is adorable! I love trains and I need to check them out! It was great meeting you today! Thank you! @BeehiveBlog

  2. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says:

    I have been wanting to take a little train ride. I think my little boy would love it.

  3. Kathy D says:

    Great idea. My son would love this. We are always looking for fun activities.

  4. veronica says:

    Sounds like a fun little outing. We are lucky to have such a rich rail road history up in the Ogden area.

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